Every person, animal and living species has an energy field and is referred to as the Auric Field or Aura. This energy field is a fusion of two energies – Universal and Earth Energy. Universal energy emanates for the universe surrounding the earth. Earth energy comes for the planet itself, the force under our feet which brings life to the planet, oceans and all living beings.

Both these energies are often referred to as Chi. Chi is a Chinese word meaning “Life Force”; it is the force which gives us life, the energy the body needs to be alive. To maintain optimal health Chi should circulate throughout the entire body in a smooth undisrupted flow.

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Bio-EnergyThe Chakras

The name Chakra originates for the Sanskrit language meaning Wheel or Disk. Each chakra is a spinning vortex of energy and due to the different frequencies at which they vibrate, this causes each chakra to have a specific colour. There are 7 major chakras in the human energy field. Their primary function is to receive and distribute energy throughout the body.

Bio-EnergyThe Chakras and Illness

An illness manifests in the chakra as a blockage of energy. This illness can be physical, mental, emotional or a combination of any of these. A blockage may occur in more than one chakra and could have happened back in the person's childhood.

More About The Seven Chakaras

Bio-EnergyWhat is bio-energy and how does it work

Bi-Aura is an advanced system of Bio-Energy healing. The work of the Bi-Aura practitioner is to initiate and assist the natural healing process of the body by bringing balance to the client's energy field. The natural instinct of the body is to heal, by removing blockages it is normally only a matter of time before the healing process begins. Bi-Aura works to remove the blockages from the chakras, this enables the Chi or Life Force to flow freely and encourage the natural instinct of the body to heal.

Bio-Energy Therapy The Bi-Aura Process

The Bi-Aura practitioner uses a series of hand movements in the client's energy field to remove blockages in the chakra. These techniques are generally hands off except where the head, knees and feet may be touched but only if the client is comfortable with this.

The Bi-Aura process consists of a minimum of 4 sessions

How longs does a session last

A session lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour

Minimum number of sessions

3 sessions generally spaced one week apart

Top up sessions

1 session a month after completing the third session as a "top up" session

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