Hopi Ear Candling, also know as Thermal Auricular Therapy comes from the traditions of the native American Indians who used Candling for healing and in their ritual ceremonies.

The hollow candles are make from natural products of Cotton Textile (quality controlled
untreated cotton), Beeswax, Honey, Sage, Hypericum, Chamomile and some include natural essential oils.

The Candle when place into the ear canal and lit creating a slight suction know as The Chimney Effect and this results in a vacuum effect helping to draw out impurities from the ear into the candle base while the gentle warming increases blood and lymph flow within the ear.

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santÉ therapyPossible Benefits of having Hopi Ear Candling

• Smoothing and relaxing
• Works on relieving conditions of the ear, nose and throat
• Wax blockage
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage
• Improves blood flow which boost the immune system

santÉ therapyProcedure for a Hopi Ear Candling Treatment (approx 45 minutes)

• The procedure is very relaxing and non-invasive.
• Fully dressed, you lay on your side so the ear canal is vertical for the inserting of the candle.
• The hair and neck are covered with only the ear exposed.
• The ear and side of neck are gently massaged to active the lymphatic system and relax the area around the ear.
• The candle is inserted just inside the ear canal forming a seal which enables impurities to be drawn out.
• The candle is lit and will burn for around 10-12 minutes during which time you may hear a calming crackling sound as the materials in the candle burn off. Most people find this sound extremely relaxing with many sleeping during the treatment
• The procedure is repeated on the second ear.
• After the Candling is complete, a relaxing Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage is given for a few minutes to help assist the lymphatic system remove impurities and finish the treatment.

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