Holistic Massage is based on Swedish Massage and is a body massage which helps relax the body while also calming the mind. Massage has been used for thousands of years and is a fantastic therapy to truly bring about deep relaxation while also improving circulation, detoxing the muscles and facilitates in aiding Lymphatic Drainage.

Two types of Holistic Massage are available:

Full body massage (approx. 1 hour) 
Back and Shoulders massage (approx. 30 minutes). 

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santÉ therapyPossible Benefits of Holistic Massage

• Reduce stress in your body
• Help your body to relax
• Alleviate muscle tension and fatigue
• Encourage better circulation
• Help the body detox
• Improve tone of skin
• Improve the Immune functions of the body

santÉ therapyDeep Tissue Cupping Massage

This type of massage utilises small suction cups to create a pressure which pulls the skin and soft muscle tissue gently into the cup. This helps to improve blood flow, release muscle tension and tight muscles often referred to as “knots”.

Cupping can help remove lactic acid from the muscles which causes stiffness and soreness especially after a workout. It improves the function of the lymphatic system which helps remove toxins from the body.

Those “Marks” - The marks left by Cupping are a result of blood, toxins and cell debris being pulled into the area under the cup which are then removed by the lymphatic system from the body. These marks are not bruises and normal disappear in 2-3 days but in cases where high levels of toxins are being removed, the marks could take 7-9 days. The colour of the mark indicates what is happening in the body with lighter marks being less clearing and darker marks indicating a higher level of toxicity clearing.

santÉ therapyPossible Benefits of Deep Tissue Cupping Massage

• Release knots and tension in muscles.
• Improve mobility.
• Improve circulation, blood flow and lymph circulation.
• Release muscles adhesions.
• Remove toxins.
• Reduce pain.

santÉ therapyHow a treatment is conducted

Client dignity and respect is always of upmost importance before, during and after the massage

• A full body massage takes around 1 hour including a short consultation prior to the massage starting. During the consultation, we discuss medical history, massage pressure to be used and expectations for the massage. This will help determine areas which may need to be concentrated on.
• After the consultation, I will show you the procedure for getting on the massage plinth and how to place your towel.
• I leave the room while you get prepared by undressing down to underwear and getting on the Plinth, placing your towel as shown
• When you are ready, I will return to the room and place further towels over your whole body to ensure you remain warm and comfortable throughout the treatment.
• Only the part of the body to be massage is uncovered at any time. Once the massage is completed on that part of the body, it is covered before moving on to the next area to be massaged.
• When the massage is completed, I leave the room while you get dressed.


Full Body Massage

€75   for 1 hour
* Gift Vouchers available

Back and Shoulders Massage

€45   for 30 minutes
* Gift Vouchers available

Deep Cupping Tissue Massage

€75   for 1 hour
€45   for 30 minutes
* Gift Vouchers available

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